Robert Fischaleck

This dance of love

My longing heart just asks
and there's no fear
love cannot help
but love the love
and love of love
was never , oh, so dear

and no coincident
to fall in love
and ask myself
is love but very far
from me and here
or is it close
so close to be my love
and close my eyes for love
it felt so near.

just get me close to love
when I ask my heart
my heart responds
with every step I wish to take
let me embrace my love
with every hunger of my dreams
and taste and eat and drink
and feel the love
I have not even dreamt of
but has chosen me to be so dear.

yes, dear to love
and let my love of love
be dear to me
my love of love be dear to love
and not this fight with obstacles.
But steps to find my love,
as if one would not only think of love
but feel the love
as it could ever be.
and forever be the Bee of love.

This is my love
and it cannot help
but look for love
and every time I think of You
and ask my heart
now tell me who is who
the very answer I will get
is not of love but part of You.

Why Love and You are not the same
is always my companions riddle
and love will paint for me
a picture
to remind my love of love
and colours it will choose of You
this riddle of my dream of love
and then with every bit and word
entice this dreaming love
and then it hides
and I will be left behind
with something I cannot but call
a loving dream of You.

My dream of You
my dream of love
and all my dreams of love
are holding dear
the flowers of this dream of love
and try to bring fourth safe
from inner gardens
and try to call me from inside
just once not fall in love
but be a part of magic
and then feel thankful
with every little wing of every
bird of love that flew the sky
 of love.
and everytime this love of love
is now with cage and cry
a roaring image from inside
the outside disappears
and now I understand my love
love cannot walk without my
very call for love
love would not speak without
my ears for love
love would not appear
without my eyes for love
and love of love
will help me to be dear to love.
Such secret is love
that only love will be allowed
and dear to love
and then the quest will find
the cup of love
and every obstacle will disappear.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Robert Fischaleck.
Published on on 01/16/2007.


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