Michael Glauer

I'm Doing Fine

I got a big open window, all I see is green
Just some fallen leaves, the end of a grubby dream
I can see a liar, he is doing fine
Telling stories never true, going out of time
I'm not going to tell you, oh my god avoid
But I'm in my mind in time, and think I'm doing fine
The people all around me, they live a different world
Just the way I did, faces won't get old
Mention there's the problem that you can't like yourself a lot
Guess I think I'm able, I'm writing the whole plot
I'm not going to tell you, I write it in my book
But I want you to admit, life is what you're doing with it
The cigarette after all, whiskey in the noon
Some culture for a clown, a gift for mad-man-moon
If a finger points the sky, only a fool looks at the finger
Nothing there at all and memories will linger
I'm not going to tell you, oh no I'll avoid
But seemes I'm in my mind in time, not thinking I'm doing fine
Tere's a drug I need, even know it's making me mad
We the people call it love, it was once everything I had
But hope sails away, all I need is another kiss
From a girl which is like the seaside, the girl I'll ever miss
I'm not going to tell you, I'll write it on a cloud
And send it right to you, because my heart is blue


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Michael Glauer.
Published on e-Stories.org on 10/28/2006.


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