Maren Strohmeier

Lost and Found

I am lost in million ways,
Wont be found any days.
Yesterdays dream made me high,
I was the proud eagle in the sky.
Cant rejoin and take my place,
Try to live with little faith.
I am the lost nobodys looking for,
I am the riddle youll never explore.

Today standing at point zero,
Believe in me, therell be no hero.
Cant play fair in this fight,
You used to call my life.
Listen to my story, its a long:
Trying to cover all went wrong,
Do I ask for your forgiveness?
Open your eyes, cant you see the mess.
I am the lost nobodys looking for,
I am the mystery youll never explore.

My bloods still red, not brown.
But I wont back down.
Tomorrow will be wisdom and pride,
Life is lie, I have to hide.
I am a sinner, you see a saint.
Is this a fake, no it aint.
Sorrow is not in my words,
This is my life, oh it hurts.
I am the lost; youre not looking for,
I am the secret, youll never explore.
I am the lost forever
Not to be found, never.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Maren Strohmeier.
Published on on 10/10/2006.


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