Drazen Boskic

The last thing from ALL MADE OF ICE


507 Service Boy
All made of Ice
At the Cloud Pink
Drowning Inn
Marcello’s Party
Orange Lash
Police Queen
Still Drowning Inn
The Insider



Thank to mum (you will always be our warmest shoulder), Daddy- o, Sandra, Luka the Insider – I am sure you’ll walk a path that is opposite to their, Paula for taking Dotty on the video tape (you are one of the warmest women I’ve ever known), regardless of all to the guys from Drowning Inn Hotel, though glad that  the toasts always win, for Marcello’s following and understanding (you may be my most silent Friend, but you’re sure the great one), Y.M. Herkens for a beautiful day at the ‘Centraal’, A. Mendes Moreno for rescuing me from those Creatures (victims of the eternal complexes!), Da-do, P.J.Dennis, Ivana, R. Gaertner (you are this kind redhead creature), J. van Sleen (I’ll always know those picnics in your room)  and all the coolers from the Golden Town who have inspired me by their faith in balls.



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Published on e-Stories.org on 09/09/2006.


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