Michael Glauer

Ballad of Mike

Shy Mike was always a good friend

His ears werent just for him

They called him a clever man

And met him again and again


He was grand


They liked him

To tell him


There he stayed with a party of a few

Decided to go to the bar of their choice

Shaking some hands he never knew

Mike had nothing else to do


He was grand


They loved him

To know him


And in the pool of some was a girl

She saw the more no one knew from him

She wasnt interested in what he thought

But really liked the way he laughed


He was grand



She caught his eyes


And then they where two, people wet home

Mike asked her to sit down on the next stairs

She didnt wanted him to give advice

And didnt told him he was nice


There he stand


Made a date

There she stayed


And so they met to take some drinks

Such a nice time Mike missed for months

Finally she kissed him for goodnight

Mike saaid nothing, he was shy


But friens wanted him to help again

And time with her was not enough

Fool Mike asked a friend about her course

And so he made it even more worse

This was your end


No second try

Man! Youre shy


Mike couldnt get her out of his mind

Even after all was spoken out

He never gave advices again

Mike, you was such an idiot man


Now his tale is known by everyone

Shy mike became a story

A sory bout a man giving advices

But couldt master his own life



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Michael Glauer.
Published on e-Stories.org on 08/18/2006.


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