Drazen Boskic

Give A Little Break

Found me in his Lowland

Mr. Van Lucifer said

Honey, you should go

So first my heart leaving Red behind

Then soon my arms you hug just fine I said

These heart-sweet things go fast

He fills my pockets up

With sand  everythings his in his land yes

Found me in his hand

A Tango with my Lady Suspicious

On his Life Line but a fire tongue again

Boy, you better learn how to tap


Tell me in the name of your flame

Whats your surprise again

I cant wait I cant wait let me smell it already

You know I get scared when little games turn you on

And you laugh at Cupido

When you know I aint having any fun


Found me in his paradise

He and his boy painted it with

What I left behind oh my oh my

And it wont work out for any of four of us

Cos there is you and he and his and me

Soon waiting for a whistling time

The rails for a boy who gotta run oh my oh my


And I hate give us some time

And I hate give us some time

And I hate give us some time


Kinda maybe we should give another try

And you kinda taking care of

You take my cardigan

I say mind giving us a break for good, hun?


Lost me in his Lowland

Out of the map

Mister I crawled back

Too late now to learn how to tap

Everything was their in our dance

Slipped out of his hand

Can you Mister oh can you wash red traces away

Please you

You wash them all away







All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Drazen Boskic.
Published on e-Stories.org on 07/19/2006.


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