Drazen Boskic

Mahogany Muse

Cocco smiles and enters from the backside

Still unwashed of the cause Timmie caused

Cocco smiles and re enters

Even this time from the wrong side

But she says shes oh so oh all right

Got herself a Gambler from Sportland

She carried her eye liner from Garnier

While he chose cherries and stars above her arms


We think a meal from Cairo

Well maybe Orange Bud given by Maroccan Lad

Would save her engine she calls a heart

Somewhere in Leanders place she found her Keanu

Something about formal hands she knows well

I shut my mouth while Cocco smiles

In and out of her soldier boots

My mahagony Muse


Found a girl entering and re - entering

From the back and a wrong side

In and out of her military life

Mine once Timmies Golden Light

Entering from my kitchen door side

Right into my 1001 night


Cocco cries

Saving up black lingery for some better times

Not making up not laughing at all

Replacing Davidoffs from the package

Into their silver metal brand new home

Perfecly arranged

From the back and a wrong side

In and out of her military life

Mine once Timmies Golden Light


In and out right into my 1001 night

This time this time

Casablanca blows a way too hard

Too hard this time

Talking to you but walking through you

Is he still on your mind

Winning cherries still not Golden Stars




All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Drazen Boskic.
Published on e-Stories.org on 07/06/2006.


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