Drazen Boskic

Gear - Box Boys

Blonde chicks never our origine to have under their arms

Porche’s competition preferably-not-to-use-engines

But to watch the bonnet’s shine

From those windows life hurts less

Mamma’s all graduated in a Cow Milking Science

Once arrived under a new sky

They’d rather not speak about

Poor sons do fix things fathers couldn’t fix


Our boys our boys are doing just bad these days

Can someone help our boys

This sky is much more ours than they think

Much more ours than they can see

‘Daddy you got me’


So I’m not from our Capital

They can play with a gear-box and I can play with words

Our boys

And on streets I wonder if they’d talk about lives

As I say hi

‘If I educate myself well’

How about do I need a job in a heart factory

To make me a new one


What do you mean ‘if I educate myself well?’


Our boys

I’ll be just passing them by

‘Comedy is all right’ cos life hurts less

Introverto’s from our Side talk about plugs

Oh our boys

Our boys ain’t doing well these days

Can someone help our boys

This sky this sky

This sky is much more than a pink colloured licence

In a pocket of a Cappa shirt

This sky much more ours than they think

Much more ours than they can see


Don’t see them much around these days

‘Are they okay’

Yes it’s much easier not to admit little failures

Little tears as no one can see

Rolling down on the lists daddy’s made

Our boys

Yes much easier to talk about plugs





All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Drazen Boskic.
Published on e-Stories.org on 07/04/2006.


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