Drazen Boskic

Still Drowning In

Heard Wandas still on a Silver Mirrors menu gotta freckle melting on my tongue and juice so hot

Messes under his bed boy you need a therapy I said I killed the eggs spread myself in his car


But I know the other engine still wont start then mother framed next to his officer hat


Guess I never knew a fella from Sweeter Lake wanna know if hes still in that band I said Im still calling the rain he said rains now above the Seine while my bodys creamed heard that fella sent his love but never licked a stamp


Wonder if I will hang a bird in your tree boy Ive never seen your river but I sure have seen Praia still hes grateful to me though he knows I wanna kill that chick then wonder does Bart never get sick of him


Boy your mothers doing a good job wonder if she knows where her soccer hangs around while hes in my sheets my honey is not Cockney but I know Alberts giving the births on every corner


Honey, are those cartons your mates I cant just run away with you guess my babys still good to me your Candies just cant buy me neither could Kuyls stickies you are like David Copperfield to me but I could eat you I know a popper-smelled boy hows Michael doing these days my fear is great if agent really was a pimp Boy your dream came out you are a star


Laisina caught with me again somehow he seemed a twin to twenty eight brothers of his kind


Still shes drowning them in shes drowning them in shes drowning them in while they cant feel her skin said her toasts re still hottest on this earth but girl shes drowning them in shes drowning them in they cant feel her skin while shes drowning them in



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Drazen Boskic.
Published on e-Stories.org on 06/16/2006.


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