Drazen Boskic

All made of ice

Little star made of ice yes guys she sent the message straight into my heart

Do you sometimes think of the summer fires girls and guys the unforgettable sight

She wondered deep in her blackest night asleep all those voices of a hundred and one beautiful yellin’ child She said yes doesn’t that make you cry we’ll never smell the summer of that night

So straight into my heart little star made of ice she doesn’t even have a price all but all made of ice 


She’s got herself a young life she’s got herself a little life and she can feel his heart

A boy she said she will learn from him she and her son she and her son

A boy made of her flesh and her blood and dad said that she always worries too much little star made of ice

And when she melts she says I still have his eyes and then know this mess too will pass

All made of ice all oh but all made of ice


Then she hates when I hide she wants inside unlock his mind wants to meet all his dears

But he wanna kill his dears and she calls me up think she wanna cross a world to find him

A way he used to be as a child all made of ice all made of ice and daddy wants us both to be all right

I said he knows my lies made of ice I’m made of his blood and I’ve got his eyes


Little star goes too far hits that glitter green ball under the mother’s feet

She wrote she hates that chicken being mean but all she meant mother couldn’t find a warmer shoulder

To lean on


Little star have you ever seen the smaller palms a girl who’s having him inside even he’s out her young life Her little life honey kiss your mummy what a lucky one you are being made of a little star

All made of ice all made of ice




All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Drazen Boskic.
Published on e-Stories.org on 06/09/2006.


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