Brandi Hall

Beauty´s Cliche´

I am both destructive and deadly, yet so heavily pursued,
glorified and praised like a worshiper in search of his faith.
Unrealistic, I am, like the moon rising before sunset,
and the stars glistening before dawn.
People say I lie in the eye of the beholder, so understated,
I lie in the eyes of the
a) Soccer mom
b) Varsity Cheerleading squad
c) Fifty year old mother of two
d) and the seven year old balleina
Who would all walk on the brightest star just to have the,
allure that defines me-in hopes of defining them.
Heads filled with botox, breast's altered by silicon, collagen filled lips,
faces raised, nostrils lifted, and wrinkles flattened like pancakes.
Once natural bodies, now withered and frail, in my name.
Hunger is now chosen by youth as goods are chosen by consumers.
Superficiality is my imposter, invading the minds of society,
Stripping them on confidence, giving birth to self  loathing and insecurity.
Now think, I was once only skin deep!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Brandi Hall.
Published on on 05/27/2006.


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