Jürgen Wagner


Painted on a rock
Engraved on a bone
Cut into a bark
Carved in a stone

Drafted in a letter
Expressed in a vote
Composed in a poem
Left as a note

Typed on a machine
Saved on CD
Printed in a book
Dissolved in the sea

Some cultures didn't develop writing as the Celts or the Aborigines in Australia. They kept their tradition alive in spoken words. The first 'written' testimonials of mankind we found in the caves of the Stone Age. A developped font began only about 5-6000 BC. - on clay tablets (in Mesopotamia) or bones (in China)

See also the German version 'Worte' and the collage of Inge Hoppe-Grabinger


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Initiation und Liebe in Zaubermärchen: Eine Brücke zu dem alten Wissen von Jürgen Wagner

9 europäische Initiationsmärchen über die Einweihung in wesentliche Aspekte des Lebens, vorgestellt und ausgelegt

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