Michael Glauer


It was always my fault to send letters

I gave you flowers you never wanted

But I'm not going to mince matters

Your lovely smiling face is haunted


I wrote poems and you just laughed

But I didnt stoped, just for me

I like writing bout a girl I loved

And the man I would like to be


You know Ill survive your abasement

Even though you try to look nice

Youre the novel but Im the supplement

And your love isnt able to rise


Paperboy, Paperboy

The one youre able to destroy

And you always look so fine

But your kind is going to decline

Well I hope youll find your way

I got mine, and I will stay


I never cried in front of your picture

Ive never dreamed of that day

I might told my friends I miss her

But then I drunk my thoughts away


A song about you, thats all I can do

I wrote it with heart I sang it with power

Because my feelings seemed to be true

I might never send to you any flower

But I know you noticed that I loved you


Paperboy, Paperboy

The one youre might be able to destroy

And youve always looked so fine

But your kind was going to decline

Well you never found your way

I found mine, and you drowned yourself away



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Michael Glauer.
Published on e-Stories.org on 05/20/2006.


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