Sonja Nic Rafferty

Teach me SLANG III

Chapter III: Irish Gaelic

Dia dhuit ar maidin! that is Gaelic and means Good morning!
Will you cope with these difficult words without any warning?
Dont be too frightened, its nice you will see!
Ar mhaith leat cupn eile? Do you want a cup of tea?

Is as an Ghearmin dom. I come from Germany,
ireannach in irinn always have been friendly to me.
On St. Patricks Day I get Irish Blessings greeting cards,
Go mbeirimid beo ar am seo ars, very smart!

In Munster, Ulster and Connaught different dialects you find,
for example in Connaught balta it means able, inn ann I remind.
However Book-Irish is a new creation for words like video recorder,
in Gaelic no existence but translated fist hai fea dn, in order!

Countries are female and need an article, isnt it interesting?
Except of Ireland, Scotland, England, America & Canada fascinating!
Instead of : do you speak Irish? You better say Have you Irish?
If you would ask me, a cultural heritage we should cherish!

For bricfeasta I had cornflakes and porridge,
arandonn, cis, liamhs & pig ll still in the fridge!
When Ive a cold fuisce te, hot whiskey is the Water of life.
lfaidh m pionta Guinness, at nightlife my highlight!

In Baile tha Cliath I enjoyed literature & traditional live music,
Maith th!, dirsearch, bodhrn, feadg stain and fiddlestick!
If The Dubliners, The Pogues and Riverdance are on tour,
never mind, in ire always you have dance and music pure!

On Cili I can dance folk dances: Lead around!
which is Siil timpeal now Around the house, my feet are wound!
Advance and retire, Swing! and Back home again!
Clockwise, Everybody, Walk through! Siil trd! till Ladies chain!

Macs and Os are typical elements of Irish names, you know.
John McMahon is San Mac Mathna, son of Mathuins, also!
His wife Bridget is Brd bean Mhic Mhathna, wife of descendent Mathins, too.
Their daughter Mary calls herself Mire Nic Mhathna, daughter of Mathna, who?

Its always nice to come but never nice to go, especially in Ireland.
T muinter na hite go deas, Ive to leave my fairyland.
Famous poets and musicians, friendly people Sln agat to you!
Ill carry on studying Gaelic: T m go maith . Conas at t?

Godtuga Dia sln abhaile thu!

2002 Sonja Nic Rafferty


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonja Nic Rafferty.
Published on on 08/11/2004.


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