Joe Stuckenschnieder

nightmare goes reality

Nightmare goes reality
(on Water Tower Street)
I woke up deep in the night
looked out of my window,
and fog constained my sight
Sweat was running down my neck
I felt someone so close to me
and I knew Ill never come back
20 bullet holes are my decoration,
Im lookig like a bloody sieve
This is my final destination.
My body is lying on the street,
Nightmare goes reality
Now I`m a deadly piece of meat
(c) Jrg Stuckenschnieder

I have had a horrible dream and when i woke was so real for a long moment. So i have written down my fears, because this free me.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joe Stuckenschnieder.
Published on on 03/09/2006.


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