Jürgen Wagner

A Winter morning


I open the door and see a white blanket
A bright shining light in every ankle
Snow densely 's falling, the sky is unfold
Nobody's there, who's yet feeling cold

I trudge through the snow and feel a soft wind
The chillness is slowly reaching my skin
Trees are enchanted, my breath is severe
Silence is spread - this is, what I hear

I smell the dry air and run down the lane
The fields around me lie bright and plane
I return to my home, I enter the room
Warmth receives me, disappeared has the gloom


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Published on e-Stories.org on 02/01/2015.


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10 bekannte und auch unbekanntere Märchen aus Europa, Afrika und Asien, die tiefste menschliche Wahrheiten berühren – dargelegt und interpretiert.

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