Ray Boorman

"Would you marry for money" She replied....


As brown paper envelopes lay on the floor

I cursed the Postman as he walked to my door

I’ll perform in a Circus, as juggle I can

Am getting desperate, have hatched me a plan.

When people marry it should be for life

She loves her husband, he loves his wife

But this tradition I’m going to break

I’m going to wed for security’s sake.

I’m working class, need to work to survive

Have a mundane job from nine to five

Live in a grotty Council dwelling

Have nothing of value, nothing worth selling.

I’m just stuck in a rut, with no way out

Want to stamp my feet and scream and shout

So I’ll search for a man with lots of money

Doesn’t have to be handsome or even funny

Just flash the cash, I couldn’t care less

As long as it gets me out of this mess.


There are people out there who do this.
In the world we live in today, is security worth more than love?
After all you can't live on love.
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Published on e-Stories.org on 06/09/2011.


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