Joshua Akinwande


Oh, on that wonderful day
It all began well and beautiful
Just at first sight
Unusual and true feeling well up from within
With a very true intention
Ignited by genuine love
Driven by positive passion
Followed by this simple request
Be my friend
Oh, that will be great
Will enjoy it while it last
That’s the reply
It’s forever
For I know for sure
It’s not a human arrangement
But heavenly orchestration
My heart leaps for joy immeasurable
For it found a mate
An angel within and with me
My help meet and my companion
Great support of my goals and aspirations
Consultant for every decision
My priority after my maker
Strength to pray and source of good advice
Dream becoming a reality a day
Will be in Xanadu together
Living in union
A paradise with beauty incomparable
Uncommon atmospheric peace
With the coolest air
Blooming all around
Surrounded by freshest water ever flow
So chilling when toe touches it
Glooming flowers all over
Producing a healing fragrance
Scent so powerful to revive deaths
Sitting opposite to me
Sight I never want to loose
Cos right in the mirror of your eye – ball
The certained future is glaring
So bright, brighter than the halogen bulb
Until sudden the vision went blur
Dreams tend to fade
And reality comes to play
That not yet the time but should wait
I will wait and wait for you alone
Until the time appointed come to be
And finally be together as one.
© 2010 


Whaoo... the begining was wonderful but in the long run..., is an imaginative piece.
Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joshua Akinwande.
Published on on 03/24/2011.


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