Ray Boorman



“Ah look! These are those tops I looked at last week,

 I think I might treat myself “.

 So walks around the display like a praying Mantis.


“This was the one that I really liked,

 having said that, this one looks nice as well”.

 Puts down her bags on the floor and asks you

 to keep an eye on them.


“I’m still not convinced about the length though,

 let’s have a look at this one,

 oh this is nice, now I do like this”.

 Takes it off its hanger and holds it in front of her.


“Now this looks different again to that one,

 I wonder if they’ve got this one in my size”.

 Takes another one off the hanger, looks down,

 and holds it near her shoes.


“How much does it say on that ticket again?

 Ooh, seems a bit on the expensive side to me,

 but I do really like it”.

 Walks over to the mirror and holds it up to her chin.


“Let me have another look at that first one again,

 I’m still not convinced about the colour”

 She fiddles inside the garment to look at the label.


“If I leave it though, I bet I won’t see one again,

 should I try one on or not, no don’t think I’ll bother”.

 Asks what you think but isn’t really interested.


“No I think I’ll leave it today,

 perhaps wait and see if they’re having a sale”.

 Then walks away and leaves you with the shopping.



I cannot be the only man in the world that this happens to, although mine is a girl friend.
It's no wonder they can spend all day shopping.
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Published on e-Stories.org on 03/07/2011.


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