Ray Boorman




Looking back at old time movies,

piano playing black and white ones,

enjoy reading Tom Browns school days,

collecting antiquated bygones.


Disguise the crow’s feet in the mirror,

conceal the frown lines on the brow,

take the time and make the effort,

but is it really worth it now?


A thirties car becomes a classic,

vaudeville still draws the crowd,

old vinyl records collectors items,

mystique surrounds the Turin Shroud.


Old is classic, but not in people,

a bunch of fossils had their day,

keep them quiet, pacify them,

hush them up shut them away,


Out of sight is out of mind,

too much effort, what a bind,

they’ve done their bit and had their say,

and always grumble anyway.


What price wisdom, what price knowledge?

Hard times lived through never seen,

the grass they walk on hasn’t changed,

It’s just a different shade of green.



It's funny how we can look at something that is old and see the beauty in it. Surely if that object could speak and tell you where it had been, and what had happened to it during its life, it would be a more valued and precious thing.
Why then do so many of us not realise we have this precious gift in our older generation? Yet many of us choose not see it.
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Published on e-Stories.org on 02/25/2011.


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