Simone Müller

If Only You Knew...

If only you knew,
how my heart overflows with love for you.
If only you could see
the way you fill my hopes and dreams.
You're the owner of my heart,
the ruler supreme.
Even in the dark of night,
I've only to think about you
to feel your loving light
and from this world I drift
feeling as if
I'll never touch the ground again...
If only you knew.

If only you could guess

how I hear your voice when others speak;

for you hold the key to my happiness,

and it's always you my soul seeks.
If only you could feel,

how your very presence

has the power to heal,

all the wounds inside me.

You've made me abandon

the pain of yesterday,

and you've shown me

that the past can no longer

stand in the way

of what I hope to achieve...


If only you knew.If only you could realize
the way you've shown me
that it's better to give
than to take,
and whatever I do,
I do for your sake.
I'm willing to give you my all
and expect nothing in return.
But, oh how I yearn
for you...
if only you knew.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Simone Müller.
Published on on 02/05/2011.


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