Drazen Boskic



A Ghost Style
At The White Women Inn
Easter‘s Age
Gear – Box Boys
Mahogany Muse
Not a Change
‘Round the Moon
Toast’s on Her
With a Good Intention



Thank to mum and dad, Sandra, Luka, a guy (I always forget your name, Robert!?) expressing his impression of me and telling he’d sure like to be me for some times’, it still makes me laugh, M. Raap (often my beautiful Mr. Benchley) for mixing my air with the Djarum (honestly, M. I used to hate that smell, but the wonders obviously do happen… Who’d have thought of it!?), Tanja for a great party, you are a Damn Good Thing, Se – Bastian for fooling me so good (keep that gift, it obviously works!), Cocco for a Day After I checked out of The White Women Inn, Berry for a Lemon Tree (your chicks and everything out there at the beach), Steve for showing me a Moon and coloring every single place in Canada…(I sure knew how to drown us), Danko – A Kind Mystery, you stay like that and I’ll always be one of your biggest fans! Of course to Marianne for her patience and understanding when there wasn’t a lot she could follow – I love you.



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Published on e-Stories.org on 09/11/2006.


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