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„Questions“ of Irene Beddies

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rainer ( Authors profile01/19/2017Answer
Dear Irene, naturally I don't know, to whom you dropped your lines. If it's a younger person, don't worry. One day you'll receive an answer, maybe by phone. A very nice poem. Kind regards from RT.

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Rainer, decades ago I dropped these lines to my daughter who was then married in USA. As the very young couple nearly never wrote letters, I thought she should be reminded and di the "scolding" in petical form. Now I found the duplication ofthe lines and had to smile. They did not improve the situation very much. Kind regards from Irene (01/19/2017)

digger ( Authors profile01/18/2017Answer
Dear Irene,
whom also always you want to reach with your poem, sometimes it's better to be the first, who writes a letter.
Greetings, Ralf

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Ralf, this once was a letter to my daughter, then married in USA. She nearly never wrote to say hello. I think this was the beginning of my writing poems. Thank you for your kind advice. Greetings to you from Irene (01/18/2017)

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