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Comments of our readers for the Poem:

„Love is but dreams“ of Irene Beddies

Read the Poem - or other works and infos about the author Irene Beddies.
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By: /
readysteadypaddy ( Authors profile11/22/2014Answer
Sad, Irene.

often, often, often, often,
love comes to the unverhofften.

seldom, seldom, seldom, seldom,
macht uns liebe noch zu helden.

when spring will rise and flowers bloom,
kommt schon bald jemand neues rum.

Dear greetings from the english cowderwelsh land sends you your
happy lucky crazy patrick

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Patrick, the last I'll hope comes true to you. You wait. For me there is only hope in vain, I'm afraid. Dear greetings and a hug from your friend Irene (11/22/2014)

Ellaberta ( Authors profile11/21/2014Answer
But sometimes Irene
when you least expect
love comes around
and that is a fact!

My elder son was so sad a year ago after a bitter separation. He told me he never ever expected to finde love again. The NEXT day a woman asked him directions - and now they are together. Big Deal.

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Christina, one waits and looks far and near, no one is showing here. And what they tell in books sometimes is true, sometimes out of the blue stands someone opposite you. Then you shall take the opportu- nity. :-) Hugs back, Irene (11/22/2014)

Alma Brosci (Send E-Mail) Authors profile11/21/2014Answer
Oh, Irene, don't you know that
elephant's tread enables seed to
grow much better than ever before -
( without this
heavy "print"? ) (*.*) Inge hg

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Even if the elephants tread pushes the seed deep into the waiting soil...when the plant is budding an elephants foot tramples it down or it is eaten. ('~') Irene (11/22/2014)

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