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„Riding on a rainbow“ of Bernhard Pappe

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I Bebe ( Authors profile08/28/2014Answer
Dear Bernhard,
rainbows are treacherous if you try to climb them and flee the everyday life. It only is possible when a loved one climbs from the other side the same moment. Then balance is granted.
Kindest regards,

Answer by Bernhard Pappe:
Dear Irene, thank you for reading and the comment. It helps to keep my balance stable on earth and on rainbows. I think sometimes itís a must to look from the ground up to the top finding rainbows and following dreams. Sometimes itís a must too to have a look from a high seat down to the ground to realize real life. Real life is not so bad. There are a lot of exiting moments in it. Best wishes from the ground. Bernhard (08/28/2014)

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