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Comments of our readers for the Poem:

„Morning at the Shore“ of Irene Beddies

Read the Poem - or other works and infos about the author Irene Beddies.
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By: /
Thefeather ( Authors profile08/12/2014Answer
Dear Irene,

your last sentence feels like a gentle puff in the wind.
I have enjoyed your poem.

Hugs Dieter

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Dieter, in the middle of a raging storm sometimes are lesser winds on which you can send your thoughts to another personmore lightly. Thanks for your understanding comment. And yes, a friendly hug Irene (08/12/2014)

Ellaberta ( Authors profile08/12/2014Answer
Dear Irene,
I assume you are thinking of the ocean of life...
wonderful words, full of yearning and power!
Love, Christina

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Christina, no,I wasn't thinking of the ocean as the ocean of life (although this idea is also becoming to the poem), I dexcribed a real happening once at Sylt. The imaginary greetings I sent to a dear friend who is long dead now. Thank you and affectionate greetings to you Irene (08/12/2014)

Night Sun ( Authors profile08/12/2014Answer
Dear Irene, your poem shows me a sandy beach with gleaming morning waves of a dreaming sea world. Best regards, Inge

Night Sun ( Authors profile08/11/2014Answer
Dear Irene, your Poem describes detailed a refreshing walk along seaside. Best regards, Inge

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Inge this walk - two decades ago - really was refreshing after a week of rain and fog. Than you for commenting. Greetings to you Irene (08/12/2014)

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