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La Tendresse01/31/2007 Emotions
Dinner for One01/30/2007 Emotions
Little Miss Messy12/04/2006 General
Burrow/Borough12/01/2006 Humour
British Rail11/06/2006 Life
The Ages of Man11/05/2006 Humour
Ancient Games - A Found Poem11/02/2006 General
Living in Oblivion10/26/2006 General
Adieu10/07/2006 Lovegrief
Weather Report09/20/2006 Humour
A Snail's Place07/06/2006 Life
The Arrival of an Angel06/30/2006 Life
The Traveller06/16/2006 Life
Walking the Vineyards04/25/2006 Life
VOWS03/23/2006 Humour
Songbird02/08/2006 Life
RESOLUTION12/27/2005 Life
REGRET12/22/2005 Emotions
MUSE12/21/2005 Love & Romance
A Woman of Honour10/20/2006 General
Deceiving Diane11/18/2006 Life
DOMINATRIX01/26/2007 Emotions
Epilogue03/22/2006 Humour
H2O ~ Haiku12/09/2006 General
Letter to God II08/23/2006 Life
Longing10/30/2006 General
NEVER12/19/2005 Life
Of Patagonian Ice Fields11/03/2006 Loneliness
Rain10/21/2006 War & Peace
The Lost Notebook11/01/2006 General
The One12/28/2005 Life
The Perfect Gift12/20/2005 Lovegrief
To Erica (An Anagram)01/05/2007 General
“U“04/06/2006 General

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