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e-Stories.org - Read short stories and poems online!

Here you’ll find the opportunity to read short stories and enjoy the words of poems. Just sit back and relax.

e-Stories.org is not just another new poetry-site. We publish in several languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch). Learn new languages and make friends all over the world!

YOU have written a short story or a poem?

Then you’re at the right place.
Due to the popularity of e-Stories.de we offer now the possibility to submit short stories as well as poems in many languages. Here you will find many categories like fantasy, horror, humor, and much more.
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You prefer reading? No problem, friends of short stories and poems will find literature in many languages here.
Do you like sci-fi, love stories, crime or horror? You're a fantasy fan? Just click on the links on the left site or chose from the newest stories and poems in this list:

The recent Poems & Stories:

Title of poem / story:Language / Category:Author:
TalaSuzukiKakalé … Moreno Oldrati, Morenito 2015 ThoughtsMoreno Oldrati
O menino que fazia filmes ChildhoodFlavio Cruz
Cappucetto Rotto ... Moreno Oldrati, Morenito, 25.3.2015 SatireMoreno Oldrati
Avis et vies LifeVolodymyr Knyr
Tal vez sería mejor LovegriefJulio Medina
Le figuracce retoriche. FantasyGabriele Zarotti
Cena en el Balaton GeneralManuel Olivera Gómez
Live on SorrowStefanie Haertel
La satire SatireVolodymyr Knyr
Destination Everyday LifeNadine Müller
Paraphysique de homo sapiens numericus Politics & SocietyPatrice Faubert
As coisas que fiz no dia de hoje Science-FictionFlavio Cruz
Non-­dits HumourVolodymyr Knyr
Patriotic HumourInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Tus suenős GeneralCristina Lis
L’aidant SatireVolodymyr Knyr
O segredo do menino MysteryFlavio Cruz
La hospitalité HumourVolodymyr Knyr
Bouc émissaire LyricsPatrice Faubert
La vieille balade, Moreno Oldrati, Morenito, 1984 Love & RomanceMoreno Oldrati
Questions EmotionsIrene Beddies
A inveja da lua GeneralFlavio Cruz
Un sans-cśur HumourVolodymyr Knyr
... il tuo viso nel cielo Love & RomanceMauro Montacchiesi


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